Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IVIG Treatments.

Anyone that follows me on Facebook knows that I receive biweekly IVIG treatments for neuropathy and the effects of chronic sarcoidosis and neural sarcoidosis. Wikipedia describes IVIG as follows:

Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) is a blood product administered intravenously. It contains the pooled, polyvalent, IgG (immunoglobulin (antibody) G) extracted from the plasma of over one thousand blood donors. IVIG's effects last between 2 weeks and 3 months. It is mainly used as treatment in three major categories:

    Immune deficiencies such as X-linked agammaglobulinemia (XLA), hypogammaglobulinemia (primary immune deficiencies), and acquired compromised immunity conditions (secondary immune deficiencies) featuring low antibody levels.
    Autoimmune diseases, e.g. immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), and inflammatory diseases, e.g. Kawasaki disease.
    Acute infections.


    1 IVIG use
        1.1 As asthma treatment
    2 Mechanism of action
    3 IVIG notes
    4 IVIG dose
        4.1 FDA-approved indications
        4.2 In Phase III testing in the US (as of December 2008)
        4.3 Off-label uses
    5 Complications and side effects
    6 References

IVIG use

IVIG is given as a plasma protein replacement therapy (IgG) for immune deficient patients who have decreased or abolished antibody production capabilities. In these immune deficient patients, IVIG is administered to maintain adequate antibody levels to prevent infections and confers a passive immunity. Treatment is given every 3–4 weeks. In the case of patients with autoimmune disease, IVIG is administered at a high dose (generally 1-2 grams IVIG per kg body weight) to attempt to decrease the severity of the autoimmune diseases such as dermatomyositis. Currently, IVIg is being increasingly used off-label in a number of pathological conditions; the increasing world-wide usage of IVIg may lead to shortages of this beneficial drug.

IVIG is useful in some acute infection cases such as pediatric HIV infection as well as autoimmune, such as Guillain–Barré syndrome.[1]

In my case my immune system is over active which is creating small clumps of inflammatory cells called granulomas. This can effect nerves, joints, the respiratory system and also the heart. I have severe small fiber neuropathy, breathing issues, rheumatoid type joint pain and I get heart flutters, racing heart and light headed spells. The inflammation also cause sever blurriness in my left eye. IVIG helps regenerate the small fiberous nerve endinrying g and helps relieve other symptoms and reduce some of the pain.

I bring this up to because today was treatment day. Side effects vary. It can also be different every time. A normal treatment will give me a headache of varying degree, occasional flu like systems, and also a short spike in pain and discomfort I'm my ankles, wrists, arms and feet, the areas most affected by my personal version of the disease. Normally it will also slowly raise my heartbeat to over 110. My normal rate is 60 and was 55 this morning. Today brought something new. Phlebitis.

Phlebitis, simply put, simply put, is inflammation in the vein. During the final flush I notice pain at the site that traveled up the arm. Closer inspection showed redness and inflammation, especial for three inches or so from the IV site. So now I sit way a warm compress on it to reduce swelling. It hurts as well. The sad part of it is, the other effects are really mild this time. Now sometimes they hit the following day. Day after effects, for me anyway, are much worse. But this inflammation thing is new and I hope it isn't a sign of veins worsening .

The bottom line is Sarcoidosis can really suck. In fact it can be very serious, even resulting in death. If you get sarcoidosis do not panic. Most cases go into remission and often do not come back. Do research and get informed. More serious cases like mine need monitoring and treatment. For more information and ways you can donate go to . Wi

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I always say I am going to start writing again. Writing was my strong point in school. Any academic awards and accolades I achieved were in writing. Now, after living in the grammar hell of Western Pa, I question as to whether I can even write a cognitive sentence. I might need my daughter or a friend like Robert Cairns to proofread my every word. I do not even want to think about structure! My last serious writings were music reviews and ads. If I am going to do this I hope you will all bear with me as I learn all over again.

I actually started a book back in the Air Force. I wonder if it is around somewhere?

Monday, March 22, 2010


In case you have not heard, I am battling a disease called Sarcoidosis. I seem to have contracted a fairly bad case. For information on this disease, please go to . I plan on starting to post again, but wanted to raise awareness of this disease. Please read and consider donating to help find a cure.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Anomoly - Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley

When I read that had a new cd coming out at about the same time as a new KISS CD I was  intrigued.  I had just read an interview with Ace in a popular Guitar magazine and the bitter feelings between them were evident.  Also, with Ae's famed substance abuse problems and his inability to even play during part of it, I wondered how good it could be. Well, the Starman has done it again.  Much like his first solo release in the Kiss solo releases ay bacjk when, Ace has trumped any solo release the band hs made.  It totally blows Paul Stanley's recent solo cd out of the water (and I thought Paul's was pretty good).  In fact, it blows the most recent Kiss CD, Sonic Boom, out of the water.  Tommy Thayer does his best Ace impression on Sonic Boom, but just does not have the same power or feeling.  In fact, he often copies Ace too much. Bruce Kulick and Vinnie Vincent each brought something a little different and unique to Kiss, where Tommy seems content to be an Ace impersonator in looks and playing style. Check out Anomaly!  Ace has never sounded better.  His playing is raw and crisp.  It rocks harder than anything his former mates have done in years.  And much like New York Groove, even the cover tune, Fox on the run, is a perfect fit for him.  He even brings Anton Fig back on board for a little drumming.  I like to say that I have progressed past Kiss in my musical tastes, but truth be told, I am still a closet Kiss Army man.  Well, now I am a total sold out Ace fan.  I sure hope he does a follow up with the same heart and energy.


Monday, October 5, 2009

VG Strat


One of my best finds in guitars as this VG Strat. I got rid of my Carvin CT3 to get it. Fender has discontinued these and I do not know why? No sales? Was it misunderstood? It the root it is an American Strat with all the great feel and sound off an Amrican Strat. But inside it is so mucch more. With the Roland picckup it is a Strat, Tele, Humbucker guitar and an acoustic. It has a varieety of alternate tunings and doe each well. It can also be a 12 string in all but the first mode where it is a sanddard American Strat. I love the feel and vversatility of this. The only downsie is the batterry usae which is about 4 hours with standard double A's or 6 to 8 with decent rechargeables. So I just keep a spare set charged at all times. I hope they bring these back out in the future. I love mine.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Delay Desire

Tone Factor - Dedicated to bringing you the finest in hand-made, boutique effects pedals, Guitars, amplifiers and other accessories

I love delays.  But I am really like a more natural old style delay with out all the wild space effects.  So today I was searching Tonefactor for delay that I might really sink my teeth into and saw this one.

Subdecay Echo Box - Start out with a great delay sound, add intuitive and useful features, and you have your self The Echo Box.

The sound is somewhere between a digital and analog delay, but without the coldness of the the typical digital delay, or sometimes "icky" artifacts heard with analog delays.

The repeats degrade each time they are recycled, but without any clicking, or popping often caused by "noise reduction" compandor circuits in older delays. Instead the Echo Box uses a discrete noise reduction circuit designed from the ground up.

Natural decay mode allows the echo effect to naturally trail off after being bypassed. (with this feature off the pedal is true bypass)

The modulation can be turned completely off, add just a little tape like warble, or push your tone to near insanity.

Delay time is around 800ms. Infinite repeats are possible, and the scaling of the repeat knob can be altered via an internal trimpot.

I thought it sounding very nice. Perfect for those Pink Floyd type pages or those sweet analog like slapback. This one might be the perfect addition to my Analogman Delay. I like to have two.

Subdecay Echobox Modulated Delay Pedal

Subdecay Echobox Demo

of course if you have the money andd are a tweaker you may want the Empress SuperDelay

Empress Superdelay

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tonefactor on You Tube

YouTube - Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret

As many of you alrready know, my main source for pedals is  They also have a cool You Tube Channel that shows off a lot of the gear they sell.  Above is the link to one such item. The DLS is plain sweet.

Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret